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Oil spray, funky boost and a dying trans

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Volvo gurus enlighten me,

Got a 99 2.4T V70. Posted about a year ago about power mods etc. Learnt a whole lot since then but still looking for answers on a few pressing issues.

Done the cheap(ish) and easy mods, intake all the way to turbo, rip, cbv, ipd tcv (apparently POS) plus a lot of unrelated suspension stuff. Got the stage 1 BSR tune on sale awhile back and the PPC unit as well. Used to be great. Gave mates a good surprise and was fun.

Ran about 15psi but was very erratic. Boost would build, creep, cut out and do all sorts. Started to blow off the silicone couplers on the charge pipes after a bit which is when I put the CBV off a 16t in to see if it would cure this issue. Results were varied. Seemed to go away so continued for a bit with it then got the intake setup.

Now boosting to 18psi which i’ve heard is danger zone for these motors and seen it creep higher into 19-20psi. Once again still erratic. I’ll try and get a video to show you all. Would love to find the cause for that ASAP as that’s sending off alarm bells

Also around a similar time found out that the dipstick blows out under sustained high loads. Speeds over 120-130kmh with foot flat. Doesn’t happen at lower speeds with my foot flat. Heard a few answers from a large amount of people and a lot of them were saying bad rings which is pressuring the crankcase. Any opinions welcome. 

Lastly the gearbox. Has held up exceptionally to the abuse i’ve thrown at it but now it’s starting to show signs of its age. It’s a 4spd auto which was swapped into the car at some point. 1st-2nd shift thuds really bad. Seems to be worse with no load. Taking off from lights briskly leads to almost no thud whereas crawling away it’s pretty bad. Noticed it went away with a new torque mount but found its way back again, then installed coilovers and repeat that process. Noticed the thud has ever so slightly crept into 2nd-3rd shift but it’s barely noticeable.


And now just recently reverse doesn’t want to engage. Almost as if it’s a manual. On anything other than perfectly flat ground I have to rev up to about 4k rpm for it to take off. And it won’t stay engaged either. Have a feeling this is the end of the line for that aspect but if you have any tips or know something that I don’t please let me know.

Really appreciate your time

Cheers 🍻



Should’ve said this before hand. Wasn’t sure if this belonged in the performance section considering the nature of the car so please excuse me if it should’ve gone elsewhere 

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Stay out of the boost until you do a PCV system service on that thing. If oil is blowing out of the dipstick, you're getting crankcase pressurization.

On the transmission. Does it have enough fluid in it?

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If oil is blowing out of the dipstick, you're pressurizing the crankcase.

Does it pass the "glove test"?

Could be a poor PCV "service", or you're over-whelming the stock system with the sustained 18psi runs.

Dial the boost back until you figure it out. Sounds like something is wrong, but keeping your foot in it isn't the solution.


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If your dipstick is popping under boost on a 1998 even with a functioning PCV system, you may want to upgrade your dipstick/tube to the 1999+ version. It has two O-rings rather than one and will stay put better under boost. Also, the single O-ring on the 1998- version will have shrunk and become brittle over time, providing even less of a seal. Or you can try changing just the O-ring on your original stick. 

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It's best to take your Volvo V70 to a trusted and experienced mechanic or a Volvo specialist who can diagnose the specific problems and provide appropriate solutions. Modifying and tuning your car can lead to unforeseen issues, so professional guidance is essential to ensure the longevity and reliability of your vehicle.

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