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2012 Volvo C30 P1 Engine Timing Belt


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Help.  So bit of a dilemma...I'm changing the timing belt, tensioner and idler on my Volvo P1 engine.  I am NOT removing the cam sprockets to do any seals.  I was under the impression I needed this newer fancy cam locking tool that goes on the other side of engine.  Got the cam cover caps and rotors off, all ready to put the tool onto the cams, and it won't fit.  It seems I marked the cams 180 out.  Doh! I have already removed the timing belt.

So to use this tool, I need the cams 180 rotated.  I assume I can carefully rotate the crankshaft 360 while rotating both cams 180?  But is this foolish?

Or can I just use the older cam lock for the 850?  All i need is for the cams to not move while I'm putting on the timing belt and tensioning. 



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In case this helps anybody in the future, I was easily able to rotate by hand the cams 180 while rotating the crankshaft 360.

1. Remove the spark plugs so you can rotate the crankshaft easily in tiny increments.  I was just using a 1/2" ratchet.
2. Each Cam Sprocket has 42 teeth.  One tooth rotation CW is 8.57 degrees.  Which means crankshaft needs to rotate 17.14 degrees CW for each tooth.
3. I marked the opposite tooth from my 1st mark on the cams, so I would know exactly where 180 degrees was to stop.  It is of course exactly 21 teeth away.
4. I went ahead and marked specific teeth on the cams that were pretty close to 45 degree increment marks I made on the crank.  (i.e. Tooth 5 = 43 degrees rotation on Cam = 96 degrees rotation on crankshaft)
5. I went only 2 or 3 teeth at a time on the cams with my hands, and then rotated the crankshaft roughly what it should be at based on my marks.  The only resistance I felt on the cams felt like the valve springs.  I never felt resistance when rotating the crank.
6. Halfway check mark is at 10.5 teeth rotation (90 degrees on cams), crankshaft should be 180 degrees.
7. Eventually got the cams rotated 180, with the crankshaft mark right back on mark.
8. Hooked up the cam locking tool, it fit like a glove.
9. Hooray!  TDC!

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