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Tranny flush or?????


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Hey out there. Been researching the best way to go about servicing the tranny on my 2008 Volvo xc 70 3.2 109,000 miles..

Been reading a lot, getting confused a lot. I am a backyard mechanic. This is my first Volvo.

New to this forum and would like to hear from all of you. Thanks, Tim

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I just sung in here to see if there was much going on. It sadly looks like things have dropped off quite a bit but in regards to your question. 

Imho, I just take mine to the dealership and its actually not that bad of a deal. Around here the cost to flush was $200 and then they do the full inspection as well. When I had a P3 (your gen of Volvo) I ended up having it changed every 50-60k (maybe a smidge excessive but nice insurance). 

The other thing which has helped alot, if you dont have it is to get Vida. This place has vida https://diaglaptops.com/wp/. That is a great tool which would show step by step on how to do things etc. 

Shoot me a msg if no one else replies or youve got questions on things. :)

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