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Kind of urgent manual swap help


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Kind of urgent,

Have a 2000 P80 2.4T V70. Swapped manual into out of a ‘98 S70 donor car. Everything is done just up to the wiring part. I’ve read and read but can’t wrap my head around it. 

If anyone has pictures of the way their TCU, reverse and neutral start circuit is all spliced and set up I’d greatly appreciate it. 

Even circle and draw on these pictures because I ate crayons in school instead of paying attention 




Does the TCU need to be plugged in or can the pins just be jumped in to the plug 

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Just cut that plug off. You need to pull apart the harness to the PNP switch on the auto trans. There you will find the fat green and fat green/red wires which need to be cut and soldered together. This jumpers the starter motor.


Then you want to find the blue and blue/grey wires in the same harness, cut them and run them to the reverse light on the manual trans.



9046728668_d5f3e1aebc_b (1).jpg

For the TCU, You can leave it in place or pull apart the connector and jumper the green and white network wires

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