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Hello all,


I have a 1991 240 wagon that has a bad front right ABS caliber. I have searched everywhere and now know that the chance of finding a rebuilt 240 ABS caliber is next to none. There are European after-market ones for over $230.00 dollars, but my concern is what if my other 3 ABS calipers need replaced.


Rather than continuing the hunt for re-manufactured or the super high prices of European aftermarket 240 ABS calipers, I would like to simply delete the ABS system all together and keep my beloved 240 on the road as a non-ABS.


Can anyone please provide a step-by-step instruction on how to delete the 240 ABS system or even better a video of how to do it. If so, will I be able to use my other ABS calipers that are fine when I delete the ABS and replace the bad caliper?



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