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Best way to get rid of a bunch of 142E stuff


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I am trying to empty my late brother's storage unit in Virginia. He had a daily-driver 142E with overdrive for many years, and at one point he pulled the engine and rebuilt it with, among other IPD items, .030" pistons and what-all. A few years later he took on a big boat project and no longer had time for his Volvo fetish. The body was pretty bad so he pulled out the engine, trans, wiring harness, fuel pump, ECM, seats and put them in storage. The car then went to the crusher. So here it is 11 years later and I need to empty the building. I was a Volvo guy too in the 1980s (1966 122S, 1970 144S) and I hate to sell it for the value of the metal. I woulda loved to put this in a 544 or a 122 once upon a time. Somewhere there's somebody who would love to have this to rebuild (even if you abandoned the injection). Question is, what's the best way to find someone to buy it all cheap? I posted it in the For Sale forum here and at Swedespeed, but no action yet. I live in Florida and drive to Virginia occasionally and could deliver it to anyplace close to I-95. I appreciate any ideas.

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You can post in the Florida Volvo Community fb group if you want to, with what all is there and if anyone is looking for something. 

We have quite a few of the VCOA group in the FLVC group who would be your target audience mostly.  

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