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Unlike gasoline-powered cars, what unique challenges arise when considering modifications to an electric vehicle (EV)?

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While customizing a car is a breeze for many gasoline car owners, EVs present a different set of hurdles. Here's why:

  • High-Voltage Systems: EVs operate on powerful electric systems that can be extremely hazardous if not handled correctly by a professional. tinkering with these components yourself is a big safety risk.

  • Software-Reliant Performance: Unlike traditional car parts you can swap out, much of an EV's performance is controlled by software. Manufacturers lock these settings to optimize battery life and safety. Modifying this software can be risky and might void your warranty.

  • Battery Capacity: Increasing an EV's range by installing a bigger battery is tempting, but it's a complex procedure. These batteries are bulky and carefully designed to work with the car's electrical system. Improper installation can lead to malfunctions.

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I find picking the right fart tone on a tesla to be one of the most challenging part of owning an EV. 

Though the lack of lvl 2 chargers in the central Florida area also make it nearly impossible to own one myself. 

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56 minutes ago, gmsgltr said:

I can still modify my ev fine

amazon has stickers and add on vents and they are cheap too

Whatcha driving? 

I'm in the market for one in the next few months, nixed polestar after I struggled to charge the loaner. 

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