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1998 S90 Ross Converse LS-swap rolling chassis

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'98 S90, 157k on chassis, set up to run an LS3. NO DRIVETRAIN OR EXHAUST IN THE CAR.  


TONS of extras included.  Located in Boston, MA. 

HISTORY - '98 Volvo S90 with Ross Converse-swapped LS3. Bought car in 2010 or so, reverse gear went out in ~2013 so naturally the fix would be to v8 swap it 🙂Swap completed by Ross in 2014. The car was my daily driver until about 2016, when the 6L80E started slipping (it was unmodified except for the torque converter, unlike the engine mated to it). She was 95%+ completed at the time of failure... I hadn't touched the exterior (oxidized roof and a small dent in the rear) plus I needed to fix the coolant temp sensor not sending to the factory gauge and add my stereo of choice and some gauges. The car sat waiting for me to have time to work on her, being cranked occasionally and driven around the block from 2016-2018. Then we moved to a new location and a new home (with no garage).  As the car sat, I discovered that Audi makes fun cars and they'll put the V8 in there for you, so the incentive to finish the project diminished considerably.   You can guess the rest of the sob story, as it sat for the past five years, occasionally being started and run around the block.  Finally, I decided we needed a pickup truck, and that pickup truck will need an LS motor, so I've decided to yank the mill out of the Volvo and put it to use.  
SPECS & PARTS - This is by no means a complete list as most of it is from memory, but it should give you a good idea that little expense was spared in this initial build, and many of the included "go-fast" parts alone are worth the asking price, notwithstanding the car they come with.
POWERPLANT: Block & trans pulled from a 2011 Camaro SS w/ about 11k miles at the time, bone stock. Transmission does have a slightly higher stall speed torque converter... nothing outlandish as it was a DD. HPTuners flashed and tuned ECU set up as a standalone.  LS3 was a converted L99 (again... Camaro SS automatic) that had AFM/DOD disabled/deleted but that kept Variable Valve Timing.  ECU, wiring harness, and mounts will stay with the vehicle (I need new ones for the truck swap), so just drop in a new motor and go.
DRIVETRAIN: A few added chassis braces (strut tower, lower brace, etc) are the only suspension upgrades IIRC. The wheels shown have decent winter tires on them.
A/V & INTERIOR: Interior is basically stock. Wrinkled door cards, a spot of chewing gum or something on the back hat shelf, some sagging headliner above the doors, but otherwise in very good condition for the age. Trunk is outfitted with a custom 3-panel enclosure to hold an Alpine 12" sub on one side, a tool/utility kit on the other, and a fire extinguisher in the middle. The middle is removable so you can use the ski pass-through.  This is a bit of a weird thing to brag about, but the interior actually smells really good.
TO-BE-INSTALLED PARTS & SPARES: I have a custom rear big brake kit and a custom bumper & lower lip that are truly one-of-a-kind, blending the S90 look with the V70R. Tons of original printed service manuals for every subsystem of the chassis and many other small parts and pieces.
It's all or nothing on the car and the parts.  The price reflects that. I do not have the time or inclination to play pick-and-choose, and am willing to throw in hundreds of bucks worth of extra parts to make sure it's a "no-haggle" good deal for the buyer, and "time to turn the page" closure for myself. 

Contact me if you're interested and we can talk more; if you're seriously interested, I can dig up more details, take more photos, and so forth. Give her a good home and get this project across the finish line... she deserves it. Thanks for reading this far.







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Guest I’ll ship it!
12 minutes ago, RobT5M said:

Good luck, looks like a fun project for someone and a great deal. 

If you were closer I might have considered it myself. 

I can put it on a trailer… 

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