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Hood Open Warning - But It's Not (2009 V70)

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So I park in garage with hood open and engine cover off.

In garage because trees above driveway are the meeting place for zillions of starlings and they take great pleasure in making my car white. Really - in a day thay can make a really gross mess. Hood up and cover off - well, TWICE I've had mice discover just how delicious the wiring harness is as they make their home under the cover. So, you get it.

The end result is that the hood is opened and closed with much more regularity than "normal". (And - let's face it - the car is fifteen years-old.) About 50 closings ago I started to have the warning show up that the hood was open. It wasn't - but a firm bump down on it made the warning go away. Until it didn't ... Three or four bumps would do it. And now it just won't go away no matter what.


So, I guess it's some little sensor that has lost it's touch and Volvo would want to replace the engine to fix it. 🙂

I love fixing stuff but kind-of gave up after my 1980 245 DL passed away. 

So - any pointers on how to fix this? If it means permanently disabling the sensor I'm fine with that.



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Honestly I would start by finding your sensor which may even been on the latches themselves, and check the wiring. 
Could also just be time to replace the latches, which are fairly easy to do and not expensive either so that helps.  

Keep us posted, im excited to see where this goes. 

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