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Volvo 850 R bumper.. NEW

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i recently came across a brand new, GENUINE VOLVO 850 R bumper.

the owner had it painted black with the intention of replacing the broken one on his black 850 R, but sold the car before ever mounting it.

i saw it hanging in his shop amongst other random parts and it's been there for over 10yrs


we all know these have been discontinued for MANY years now and these almost never come up; what's out there is out there.

i purchased it for my low miles, factory 420 paint code car, 5spd..

i figured i'd offer it here 1st before marketplace, where it'll surely go within a day.

if i dont get what i want for it, i'll just have it painted and mounted to my car.

before anybody throws out an offer, just know i paid $500 for it.  what's it worth to YOU?

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