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the casualty count of American soldiers in Iraq for the month of April surpassed the casualty count of the entire "invasion" up to the current year.

War's hell. Should we pull our troops now and leave the people high and dry? Then it would be like Nam. As for death tolls, they are very very low for any "conflict". Villages loose more in a day than we have lost in the year, its sad and out troops are facing hell right now, but thats life in our world. Say what you will Bush is a better war time president. Kerry may do better if we were not at war but we are. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know.

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go pick up "treason" by ann coulter, very eye opening book

I can only laugh when I think of ms. coulter.

There was a SNL skit on where they did a take off on Chris Mtthew's "Hardball" and she was a guest. Amy Poehler did a hilarious take on COulter.


Cold Opening - Hardball w/ Chris Matthews

Darrell is at his best when given hilarious one liners when he plays Matthews. He shines in this opener. Amy Poehler was also great here as that annoying oh yeah! Ann Coulter regularly seen on Bill Maher's show Real Time on HBO. For those that don't know, she's a Republican thinks everyone commits treason in this country. Amy did a fantastic impersonation of her. Jeff Richards was good, but he hardly had any funny lines. Keenan Thompson got to show of his impression skills as Gary Coleman, which was hilarious. This was a great way to open the show.

Best lines:

Darrell as Chris Matthews: "Also joining us, author of the book Slander & Treason, a woman full of more bile than Nick Nolte's liver."

Amy's response, as Ann Coulter: "Typical slander from the liberal media."

Darrell: "That wasn't slander. Now if I said you looked like a kneecap with hair, that would be slander."

Keenan Thompson as Gary Coleman: "People have been asking me all week, why should I vote for you, Webster?"


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just read the book before you start talking crap. like i said, it's very eye opening. and no, it does not go into gory details of how the liberal media is treasonous. the entire first half of the book mostly talks about the venona decrypts and soviet spies in american government.

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HA...HA!  :lol:  Bush is wining in the poll!  GO BUSH!  :P

But sadly, losing in the national polls.

Ann Coulter gets absolutely owned by Franken in "Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them". I'd read that if you really want a good laugh. I decided to read a few of her columns to get a flavor, wow, seriously vindictive spin from that repubi-nazi.

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Oh I just read on the internet that a diet of chocolate ice cream, cheesecake, pizza and beer on a daily basis is GOOD FOR YOU :P

Listen about that Bush family read, where is the evidence, I'm about to be so gullible that because someone posted a pretty good read on the internet, it is all THRUTHFULL? Come on give me evidence. I live in FL, and I voted for Bush before, and I have yet to see any real reson not to do it again.

About Iraq? Shoot we should have invaded them after the first persian gulf war!

Yeah Bush senior created Noriega and Saddam, HE ALSO STOP THEM ON THEIR TRACKS! Would you like to see Mr. NOriega's cell in Miami?

The truth is that ready access to oil is a vital part of the NATIONAL SECURITY of the U.S. and until people stop whinning about WMD and the high cost of gas, while driving a 12 miles/gallon suv, President Bush did what he had to do for the good of all american citizens.

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you guys forget kerry called his fellow soldiers criminals after the war and defaced medals he won, also crimes

Hmmm, let's see, participating in a war that he was called to act in, and then expressing his views afterwards. A crime? In who's book.

This thread is worthless.

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