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With all due respect, how has Bush done anything that respected the military? Like I've said before, alot of my family is in the military, and I can tell you that he has shown the armed services absolutely no respect. Never has, never will.. but I guess we can't expect more from a deserter.

That's funny, because the military seems to have a lot of respect for him.

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The Marines guarding Clinton wouldn't even salute him. Bush on the other hand is very respected by the military. Watch the next time you see Bush getting off Airforce one or Marine one and see how well they treat him. Not to mention it has never been proven Bush deserted. Unless you are one of those people that believe that Bush's teeth were there for the dental exam during the period where he "deserted", but he wasn't.

And don't give me this "classy, surprising bit". Knock it off.

Interesting how the truth gets brought out and the only thing you can come up with is getting offended at pointing out you trying to pass off opinion as fact. I'm just puting forth my opinions on what is going on. I'm not telling other people to "get over it" (that is how to quote somebody. you don't use quotes when paraphrasing) or to "Knock it off." For not looking for an argument you sure are arguing a lot.

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Anyone trying to quantify Bush's performance in a traditional sense is retarded. It is impossible to know how any other person in the world would have reacted to September 11, and equally impossible to hold Bush to a standard that cannot be proven or even justifiably suggested that anyone else would have been able to achieve.

And quite honestly, no one knows how the US should be acting in the current international system. NO ONE has put forth an authoritative argument on this topic. I'm taking American Security Policy and American Foreign Policy, both 4000-level courses. And the amount of vagueness present in these topics is mind-boggling.

Are there obvious problems with what Bush is doing? Yes, definitely. Is there ANY indication that ANYONE will be better? Definitely not.

Say what you will about what you want, this entire thread is opinion anyway, but try to keep a view of the larger picture.

In my opinion, I think ousting Saddam was a reasonable action, but our process of rebuilding has been short of justifiable, I think. We're just realizing that there's no true overwhelming push for democracy now that Saddam is gone, like we'd thought. So we don't know what the hell to do.... If you do, then speak up :P

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This ones for you:


don't forget, he didn't actually throw HIS medals. those medals were someone else's. he wanted to make a public statement regarding vietnam, but he was too much of a scumbag to even make the statement himself. his medals were safe so that others could call him a war "hero".

all this talk about calling bush a deserter has made me sick. he reported for duty. one area i think that people get confused is that he was in the national guard. that means he only has to show up once a month, which nobody has proven he did not do.


--you aren't likely to see that book anywhere anymore. when kerry first ran for office, most of the copies disappeared from bookstore shelves, and that picture pretty much dissappeared.

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Guest Guest_kendall

just read the book before you start talking crap.  like i said, it's very eye opening.  and no, it does not go into gory details of how the liberal media is treasonous.  the entire first half of the book mostly talks about the venona decrypts and soviet spies in american government.

please for your sake never reference that woman again! she is a huge joke and only a true neocon could ever stand behind her without shame.

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