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I love you InlineTurbo.

And just something I'd like to add something about there not being any justification to go to war with Iraq and there being no link between the terrorism we declared war against after 9-11 and Saddam Hussein.

We know that Saddam had chemical and biological weapons around the time of the first Gulf War. Part of the agreement with the UN after the war required Iraq to disarm all of its chemical and biological weapons. UN inspectors were sent in 1991 to make sure that Saddam was complying with the UN agreements. They were part of a treaty to end the war. Saddam kicked the inspectors out. So now he's had more that a decade to do what he wanted with those weapons we knew he had. Other that building lavish palaces for himself, Saddam Hussein used his money to try to achieve nuclear capability. We don't know if he had succeeded in that respect. I hope to God he hasn't.

Anyway, the thing that bothers me the most is when more inspectors were sent a few years ago before the war and they didn't find anything suspicious. When everyone was marching in the streets at the onset of the war and protesting the justification, saying "If there are no weapons of mass destruction, why do we have any reason to go to war?" Well here's where the link between Iraq and Terrorism comes in. It is widely known that the Al-Qaeda hate America. It is also widely known that Saddam Hussien hates America. Saddam likes terrorists who can kill Americans in anyway possible without having to get his hands dirty.

After not finding any weapons during the inspections in the past few years, I'm even more afraid than I was before. Hmmmm. We know Saddam had weapons before and now they're gone? There are a number of things he could have done with them between the Gulf War and the present.

1) He could have destroyed them, in accordance with the UN resolutions in 1991. If he did this, why would he have kicked the inspectors out originally and not have told everyone this?

2) He has them hidden somewhere underground, not where inspectors can just walk in and find them sitting on a shelf.

3) He has either sold them or given them away to dangerous terrorist organizations in the Middle East. What if Saddam has sold them to Syria, a haven for terrorists?

Well, I guess we didn't find any weapons......We're sorry to trouble you Mr. Hussien, we'll just leave you alone now. Carry on with the killing of your own people and the development of nuclear warheads.....

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Thanks for the compliment. :)

One thing people have to realize in this whole "there were no weapons of mass distrcution" argument is that it isn't good enough to not find any. We have to find PROOF that they were destoryed. They leave all kinds of traces when you destroy them. If they were destoryed we would know and it is easy to prove. Like Deltablade pointed out. It is much scarrier that we aren't finding what we knew was there. Even though we are finding plenty of stuff. But to a party that only cares about getting elected dual use equipment and tons of precursor chemicals and "pesticides" don't count. If you read UN resolution 1441 it gives us specific cause to do what we did.

Here is some light reading on UN resolution 1441.


Oh, and if you still think there were never any WMDs watch this little clip to see what John Kerry and the rest of the Democrats and the French had to say about WMDs before there was a presidential election to win.


Here is some info on the Oil for Food program and Russia, France, and China's complicity in ripping it off.


Seems the Iraqis want the terrorists out of their contry as well:


"The sovereign Iraqi people and our international partners are adamant that we will put an end to terrorism and chase those corrupt terrorists and will uproot them one by one,"

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