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How Old Are You?


How old are you? (in years, don't be a punk)  

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As some of you might remember, waaay back when there was a poll going about how old everyone here was. So, let's see how old everyone is! Feel free to post age/ info if you're so inclined, sort of a community-builder. Also, a good way to get a feel for the demographics of the VS community.

To start it off, I'm 19, physics major @ Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, doing research in atmospheric dynamics and working with Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant doing radiation monitoring/ enviornmental exposure monitoring.

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Interesting thread.

Who wants to poke a guess at my age?  :ph34r:

3 1/2 ??


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*edit - 22 now*

CTO, Co-Owner Arbus Secuity Management Consultants

software architects / network security / system adminitrators

musician, doing an album with william ackerman

building an artist retreat / thinktank in the helderberg mountains

and eventually a pro recording studio

high school drop out <_<

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