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Stay in school or not  

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Well im not joining the army, and i dont wanna go to school. its not that i dont have money, shoot i dont haev to pay for school period, my parents will pay for it. I just have never really been smart. im not a dumbass i may act like one but if i find something interesting and something that is challenging then ill do it and succeed. But school, come on ive been doing it all my life. never been out of this country, only been to 3 other states then this one. My entire family cousins aunts uncles all have gone to 4 year colleges and all are either Dentists, Othodontists, Eye surgens or Lawyers. Its also hard when u follow a brother who is kinda a square. and does everything hes told, clean hair cut, shaves and stuff and gets along with everyone. and im kinda the opposite. Oh and one time at a family dinner i said grades were overrated. oh man i got so many new butt holes for that one.

yeh i will be behind my friends. My 5 closest friends went to, University of Washington, Seattle U, Harvard, Stanford, and Oregon. Like how am i not gonna be behind? I may end up losing them as friends anyway since they all wanna be paper pushers and wanna do something extreme or with my hands.

Its hard being who you are when the people around u arent anything like u. Everyone in my family and friends are all very conservative, mostl my family, clean cut, short hair, shaven, very very very well educated. And when myself, long hair, beard kinda, and listens to punk rock and wants a tattoo and pierce my ears. its hard to get any real support for anything i wanna do. Dont really get along with my parents very well. I have never smoked or anything like that, drink maybe once a month. so its not like i do anything bad. My parents say, go to college and get ur degree then u can do whatever u want. Well i dont wanna go to school, i wanna do whatever i want right now. They support me but only in teh things that they want me to do. Like i didnt get to pick my classes for school, my mom did it for me. well how am i supposed to like school when im taking nothing that i like. mmm good thinking.

Anything thoughts, help suggestions would be great, thanks alot.


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.....i dont haev to pay for school period, my parents will pay for it. ...........

............Its hard being who you are when the people around u arent anything like u..........

..........Well i dont wanna go to school, i wanna do whatever i want right now......

Kid, you don't even know what hard is.

Go do what you want to do. Then you won't havta cry us a river about your parents not understanding. You'll really have something to cry about like your bills.

Regardless, it sounds like you're due to learn some hard life lessons. Hopefully you can do your growing up quickly and avert being a janitor for the rest of your life. It's kind of hard to get laid when you don't make enough money to keep your 1981 Honda Civic running.

If the military and school don't interest you, I recommend getting getting into a trade like construction or metal fabrication. You can make some decent money, but plan on being practically crippled by the time you're 50 (or before).

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Brian. All I gotta say bro is either tough it out now (skool) or tough it out later (poverty/welfare).

I think you know where I'm going with this. I'm sure you're a much brighter kat than you may appear in this forum. You have your parents to lean back on now but when you're 50 and in a dead end job you won't have the opportunity to go back to school.

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i hear u for sure stephen man. ive been told that my whole life. im kinda thinking about going to europoe jsut cuz. buy a plane ticket and go.

as for being a smarter guy then on here. ask other people about it. i think i am but other people kinda just treat me like a retard so its all good. whatever. ill live with it

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Brian, do what you want man it is your life.

I am so sick and tired of everybody saying "if you don't go to college you are a loser" F--K all of you!!!

College is not for everyone, some people can learn in that context and some don't. That doesn't mean that someone who does not do well in college is "braindead" that is such a egotistical comment, it makes me red in the face to no end.

Do whatever makes you happy man, if you have a good work ethic and are willing to work hard you will be successful, I have faith in you bro!

EDIT: I changed school to college

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School doesn't mean college though. But for sure get an education in something.

Heck, get an education in how to kill bugs. It serves to at least point your life in some semblance of direction. Its crappy how the system works but being employable (sic) is much better than being in a position where you have no options.

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ok, i'm gonna point a few things out here. bri, i love ya man, i'm just tryin to help.

you've had everyting in your life handed to you, WAY to easily. and when you fooked up, no one gave you any consequences. so now, you expect that.

member when you first joined VS, and you would ask me all these questions, and i'd tell you to go learn them on your own? i was tryin to teach you how to teach yourself... yet you still ask me the same questions...

You think anyone taught me the (very little compared to some here) volvo crap I know? No, i had to read this damn forum backwards and forwards to learn it..

the older you get, the harder the choices in life you have to make are. LIfe presents opportunitiy. In your case, you parents have enough money to send you to college.

you think there aren't guys on this forum that would KILL to get a great education for free? And you're just pissing it away.

So, you'll drop out of Junior College work full time, prolly swithc jobs a million times, eventually move out with a buddy or something, or maybe when some of your freinds gratuate from college...

as jason says, college isn't for everyone, and it's certainly not the golden ticket, but I'll tell you this, it helps open doors for you that might otherwise be shut.

so my advice to you is, take a good look at where you are, and where you're goin... go to BCC, and get your AA, and get your asss into Udub or WSU or someplace, and get your Bachelors...

cause braggin about gettin D's in highschool, and skippin JC a week into class ain't cool.

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