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wtf thanks for the nightmares =(

i hate it when you poop and the water splashes right on your a-hole, it feels so weird

i hate when you feel like you have the biggest stuff ever and all that comes out is a 10 minute long fart.

i love welding now. i want a welding machine. everyone chip in? ;)

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yup that happens to me a lot! it sucks because you never know if you can fart safely, or if you're going to poop your pants

the fart that sounds like compressed air. like dust-off or a turbo...

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I love farting and rolling down the windows in the front but locking the windows in the back so they can taste my fury.

this morning on the way to school, i farted in the car. it smelled so bad that i had to pull off to the side of the road and roll down all four windows and wait for 5 or so minutes for the smell to leave. it was HORRIBLE.

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