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6 minutes ago, flyfishing3 said:

For some reason I think that’s the year to avoid the V8.  Iirc it tends to leak oil. 

I could also be talking out my ass but there was a year to avoid the V8. 

I'm pretty in the dark when it comes to P2's unfortunately, so id trust ya 100% lmao.

It's fairly cheap, interior is in great condition, really well optioned out, black interior, body is pretty clean as well. 
Awd is working, no leaks.  Has anti skid service message, otherwise I was debating heading up to buy it this weekend as a replacement for the v70, since new car market shot up 15-20% for 2022.

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15 hours ago, flyfishing3 said:

Meh.  I need to see Bond, James Bond. 

I'm still torrenting lol, is it even out yet?


8 hours ago, Ol' Dirty Noodle said:

Think I’m gonna do the build page for the Audi on pornhub just to force people to check in there and get the drumroll before all my vids 


So do it.  

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Anyone a North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association Member?

Trying to navigate this is.... interesting.


St Pete. Dali Museum - $160 family membership (2 people), but cannot use membership anywhere within 50 miles of the Dali museum except for at the Dali museum.

St Pete. Morean Arts Center - $100 family membership (2 people), but cannot be used at the Dali museum.

Bok Tower Garden - $200 membership, but its for a family of 6, and can be used anywhere. 




Lmao where can I just get a 2 person membership and I can use at Dali and Morean.  
We're going this weekend and all told itll be like 80-100 to get into the two, makes sense to buy a membership, but apparently we cannot buy it at one to use at both because they're to close to each other.

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