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wow, I didn't know AAA dropped anyone either. I had my 76 Cadillac towed twice last summer when I had it out. Once when the break lines went and then once a couple weeks later when it wouldn't start (ended up being something in the steering column)


I think we use the hotel discount once in a while...mostly keep it for the towing since the wires Prius is at over 300,000 miles... 

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5 hours ago, paultyner said:

Boy Scouts was a great reason to be outside, we'd go weekend trips often. For those who weren't involved, it doesn't have to be completely like the Hollywood stereotype.

Hey Random Spam. 

Isn't the Hollywood stereotype, camping and weekend trips with a bunch of Pyros?

Because that was pretty spot on the 10 years I was involved with the scouts and then venture. 🤪 

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Dash Cams? 
Whats everyone running? 

I have a VAVA in the S70 which im not super fond of, but 4k and barely drive it. 

And a Nexar in the CX5 which I love the interface since it connects to your phone and records to the cloud. 


Looking for something easy to use and reliable for the wifes car, and even potentially to bin the nexar and get something with better resolution since the 1080p is meh sometimes when reviewing cam. 

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21 hours ago, Zappo said:

Blackvue DR750 2 channel.  Been running it for at least 6 years now.  They have 4k models now.

How does it record?   Loop over SD card or cloud?  

12 hours ago, flyfishing3 said:

I have to go look at what I have.  No issues so far.  Wanna say it was 180ish.  


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3 hours ago, Zappo said:

Again, it is an older model, so SD card.


For her though that honestly works really.   
She doesn't even use android auto on her new car so yeah lol. 

I've never heard anything bad about BV so ill check them out. 

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