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13 hours ago, Brad850 said:

I'll fuckin do it babe. I'll car fax anything. I'll car fax you how do ya like that??

if you are so interested in car faxin me check your sellll fonn ya bish

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7 hours ago, RobT5M said:

Wasn't there a post where Corey showed the s70 cluster pinout and which pin to apply power to, to check?


Cannot seem to find it. 

Yea iirc, you run 8awg solid from pin 3 directly into your peehole 

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On 9/9/2017 at 3:45 AM, andyb5 said:

Mike, I did a DIY double-din install your kids would find useful.  http://volvospeed.com/install_performance_parts_how_tos/misc_other_volvo_guides/double-din-radio_install.html

Anything from Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood, etc would be a good option.  However, I haven't kept up with specific models/lines and the features they offer, so have your kids figure out which features they need, and which ones they want, then use those criteria to filter down on Crutchfield.

Run the internal amp in the new head unit.  It's a much better option than the stock amp, the evolution in technology is worth it!

Also, crutchfield will say that a double-din won't fit because you have to modify the factory radio cavity in the dash to secure the new radio.  I tried to debate with them about that for a while, but they won't update their site.

Hi mate, can you repost the link pls?

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