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On 2/2/2024 at 7:53 AM, RobT5M said:

I originally bought the 1.25amp you linked, but 1.25amp would have taken longer than I would have liked since I needed it recharged quicker to be able to move the car again. 

Now that we're all moved out, closing is on the 14th, so it will sit in a comfy garage 360 days of the year im sure.   

The Noco charged it back up within a few hours fully.  
I can report back in a few months once the car has been sitting again for awhile, its currently parked at a friends shop while we await closing. 

Good to know it's effective, I plugged it in, put the cover on and haven't really looked at this car since. Good luck on your move!

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In an effort to not get this thread archived. 

Turned in the CX-5, got a loaded CX-50 for a few dollars more a mo than I was paying for the 5.  
Incentives on the 50's are crazy, roughly 7500 under msrp. 

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Man, looking at the top right corner at 'Top Posters In This Topic'

matt b


Chilled Man

7 VII 7

Wonder what those guys are up to. I came in around 2007-2008 right when this thread was created😂

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