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What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Just as I was feeling good about how the car was doing... my stupid a** drove over a parking stop while leaving the store last week. Slammed down on the subframe mount. I was worried I bent a tie rod or control arm, but fortunately all that stuff looks fine. The fresh scrapes led me to this, though...




Popped the bushing out a little bit, which would explain the slight sloppiness I could feel in the front end. Just ordered a new bolt, so hopefully it'll be as simple as pulling it apart and popping the bushing back in.

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VVT hubs are worn out on the car. Oil leaking at the cams, and a bunch of slop - especially the exhaust. New ones on order.

I was able to get my battery rotated sideways, but ultimately decided it just needs to go in the trunk. I've got some 1/0 marine cable and terminals to run it out back. This frees up a bunch of room up front for intake options. I'm going to try and retro a P2R air box into the 850. I'm still using 940 MAF, so I printed an adapter to take care of that. I'm going to make my own intake pipe to the box. I'm also going to work on printing a large snorkel for the box that will connect to the bumper inlet with 3" hose.





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picked up my painted car parts - including my rear spoiler! yay!

broke one of those rear bumper bolts last night on the R so tonight is extraction/make another plan time 

those stupid rear bumper brackets on the 850 that rust into nothing... its the only rust on my car but they are destroyed

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Did a recharge on my A/C to make it cold again.  I used a recharge kit, which have been banned in Washington State for almost a year.  I'm a rebel.

Interestingly, every day driving home I hear an O'Reilly's commercial on the radio advertising the recharge kits that you can't actually buy.  They are cruel bastards.

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