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What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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S60 stayed home today. I wanted to remind myself of what 23 PSI feels like one last time until it starts getting warm out again.

Black rims Huh! I just bought some drifters and will drive throught the winter. I wash my cars usually 3 imes week in the winter.

put in $20 of Gas, Went to Office depot, and then Byerlys.


That. Plus Flushing and putting in new coolant.


Drove it to work. Will drive it home later tonight. 13 psi feels great when its cool out.

I bet.

I drove it to school. Then I snuck out of school and went to McDonalds then back to school. Then home.

Snice way to go.

my car just sat in the garage dripping oil today

felt like taking my dad's denali to school B)

Sorry to hear that.

it's a nice jerk car, and has 380hp!

big pimpin'

WOW!! I wish I had that. NEVER!!!

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I drove the snowplow to work, the dmv, then back to work, then my dad's company to pick up my LSD, then back to work, then a meeting, then i drove home, watched a few videos of my red car, talked to adam, and matt online..

Tomorrow going to the pink, and installing new o2 sensors, and AFR gauge, and boost with lotek gauge

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