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What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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I drove to work, drove to get some food later on and take a break, then went back to work. I got home and found a note that my girlfriend needs me to pick her up at 10. I get there. She wasn't there. Drove for 40 minutes looking for her. Gave up. Went home. Then I went out to Burger King and the gas station to get cigarettes. That is the adventure of my car and I.

I'll update my awesomeness for you guys everyday! :D

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drove it 40mins to work... going to clean the MAF to see if that increase my MPG... 23 is not good with 70% HWY miles... well not good enough for me...

oh yeah drive it home 45mins from work also :)

Get a turbo, your highway mileage will increase.

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