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The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55


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Was very excited to see this thread still kicking, Johann was a huge inspiration for many of us. Rest in peace Johann, from Canada with love.

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Last months we’ve been very busy at Johann’s workshop, aka Area 34.

Cleaning, sorting, checking the cars, etc.

Status update on Johann’s heritage:

- SDM (the OG N/A racecar ☝🏼); runs and drives. Needs a belt (16 years old, but still looks brand new😅). Needs a seat swap, lots of tiny details and a good cleanup. Had a backfire at first start so it became a 2 cylinder while the Jenveys switched in a save mode. Took us a few headaches to find out. It’s loud, it’s fast, it’s nuts.

- SD11; 855 with 4T4, M66, VST; sold

- 850 Carrier (6 wheeler); failed inspections two years ago. Couple of days work and then it should be good to go. Needs calipers, front axle…Runs and drive. Finding a good place for inspections is hard, it’s a odd size vehicle.

Datsun 180b; first run in 12ish years yesterday. Fitted with a new battery and found out that the ignition didn’t work, as we later found out Johann stated that fault in a old topic in 2012. Needs inspection and a new rms.

Square tires, limited interior. When the 18t starts to spool at 3000tpm, the earth stops rotating. Crazy little car.

D2 (n/a 10v in Porsche green); might become a parts car of the carrier.

850 ERC (CY rallycar) ME7 N/A, to be determined.

Opel Blitz with the T5 will be sold without the engine.

Really nice to work with Johanns sons and his dear long time friend Zippo (Maarten) on his old projects.



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