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Maybe unfortunately for you I only made one setup.. :huh: And frankly I don't think I will do it again.. :lol:

The idea of adding a Supercharger was there for some time already. I think I even discussed this with Chuck sometime last year.

I don't know much about these things, did some very basic research and also cost was a consideration.

10 people 10 different advises so at a given point I had to make a decision and with the GLT NA engine in mind I thought it would be best to not stress the engine that much.

Also with the fairly low boost a higher CR engine could be the better option, still have the T5 engine available but first I want to see how things go with the stock engine.

The character of the centrifugal compressor was what I thought would suit the engine very well.

My choice came down to a Paxton NOVI 1200. Not a Vortech this mainly because it is more expensive.

Man was I shocked when that thing came in.. it was HUGE.. :D Gave me a lot of headache making the thing fit.

I started with a scrap piece of 10 mm aluminum plate and slowly shaped it to the way it is now. Placement was very critical because there is nearly no room in the front of the engine and above the subframe. In fact room was that tight that I had to ditch the stock alternator and replace it with a small Suzuki alternator.

But eventually there was light at the end of the tunnel and things started falling in to place.

Powersteering lines needed some bending also.


After that I moved the setup from the mockup engine to the engine in the car,


Like I said I don't know much about these things so making a choice for pulley size and such was more or less a guess.

Not only the boost level but also the max revs need to be calculated. I decided to keep the redline of this stock engine near 7K RPM with a couple of hundred RPM of overshoot as a safeguard. Limiter will probably stay a tad lower depending on how the engine responds. I calculated the pulley size and called a company in the Netherlands dealing with Vortech to aquire a pulley but the one they had was slightly different resulting in a bit lower boost than calculated.

The fitment itself went fine but the radiator connection was to close to the SC's outlet so I had to move the radiator more to the front. I turns out I chose the wrong compressor housing with the straight connection, should have ordered the curved connection but what did I know.. Radiator was moved 2 inches to the front and 1.5 inches down. For the radiator hose I used some samco combined with stock hose for now to get around the pressure pipe. I also decided to use an "IC"less setup for now. First want to make it run and deal with yet another headache later.

After/while fitting the SC I started wiring the standalone as posted earlier in this thread. Overall the install went smooth and only ran in to an issue with the radiator fan which needed an extra relay.

I'm using a full sequential setup with a one channel igniter to the stock distributer. The one thing not possible to steer is the frequency driven engine temperature gauge in the stock dash, all other is functioning. Had the engine running for a couple of weeks now but the car was still on the autolift. Of the stock tires which came with the car 2 were flat so I mounted the 17" Pegs with the Corsa track compound tires which I already had. Also aquired 2 new Pegs some time ago but didn't have tires on them so I opted for 2 Michelin Exalto PE2 tires mounted to the rear. See how that goes.. Tires are 215/45-17 btw.

So last Thursday evening I wanted to try some more with the engine, exhaust fumes were near killing me so I decided to drive the car outside but at the first revs of the wheels I heard a loud crack at the right drive shaft.. The crack/knock was there already when I received the car and while on the autolift I discovered a completely worn suspension arm which I thought was the cause for the noise. The suspension arm was changed already and added Powerflex polybushings with it btw but now it appeared this was only part of the solution. But the car only needed to be a couple of meters out so at that point I didn't bother with it until later that evening when I needed to drive the car in again. Once in first gear and letting the clutch up I hear a loud cracking noise and heard the bearings flying through the workshop.. drive was gone instantly.. :arob: The outer joint was completely gone.. Next day I installed a new one and all was fine.

Friday I registered the car again and made the first meters with it. Having a hard time getting the car idle properly but it is getting better at every attempt. Using a very basic map the engine responds very well up to 4500, didn't take it much higher yet. Also ran in to some knock. For now I'm mostly working on part load driveability and the idle part. Problem is my wideband which doesn't work properly, first thing to solve in the coming week. After that the suspension needs some attention.. :lol:


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:o congrats Johann, you're THE MAN... haha

do you have any videos of the sound, i'm curious..

btw, you should try Hungaroring sometimes.. with all of the SDs :lol: :rolleyes:

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