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Sharting In Public


Because common sense... is not too common.  

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Ok thought about this for awhile and now have an answer.

Make like a mad man to the bathroom.

Find first open stall and drop trowsers.

Remove underware since that is shot :lol:

Clean up back there and unfortualy use the Toilet water with TP to clean up if possilbe wash undeware in toliet to use that as a rag.

Make sure you flush alot to clean out the underware so you can clean yourself up.

After that dry that area out back there with either handtowls , TP or Hot Air Hand dryer if you can lock the door to the bathroom.

If not you might get some wierd looks from the people walking in and see you airing out your ass.

Also make sure to throw away your old underware by no means try to flush it , becuase sharting in your parts will be the least of your problems.

Put pants back on, pay bill and get rolling.

You dont want this to happen again if your sans underware.

If that does happen your fuged :lol:


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I for the most part agree with you chilled. However, I would leave the underwear hanging on a coatrack or toss it in the sink. Then go tell your waiter, and while he/she is checking out the complaint, peace out and forget the bill :lol:

But really I shart myself once. I was at home though, so I put my boxers in the laundry and got a new pair...that was the last time I tried farting on my little sister for a while.

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i leave, determine the extent of the damage and hope there isnt any oil leakage. If there isnt any i get in the car and drive home, open a garbage bag, put everything from the waste down in it and have a shower, if there is leakage i determine if its going to get on the leather, if it will, i go to closest subway, buy a cookie and use there washroom. Clean myself up and go back to the car and do above.

I usually just tell people i got to take a shit and need to leave since i dont take shits in public bathrooms, i always go home for a shit no matter where i am, if i cant wait i try to find the best bathroom or find a dark road and loose a sock.

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