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Cross-drilled Or Slotted

steve s

cross-drilled or slotted  

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but u know what the funny thing is? yes there are some really really small cracks at the drilled holes. maybe one or two spots, 2-3mm at the drilled holes, on each rotor. the big cracks are at each and every slot for the brass bushings that mount the rotor to the hat.

That's a very interesting remark. I lack the knowledge to draw any conclusions (aside from torquing/install error?). Have you had any expert opinions on the matter?

I've had less than pleasing results with x-drilled rotors, and have now decided to stay primarily with slotted.

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Slotted for sure. Drilled ones WILL crack when you wear or abuse them enough. On the road you can get away with drilled rotors pretty well, on the track they just get demolished. I cracked a rather expensive, heat-treated rotor literally in half on the Nürburgring. Slotted ftw since then.

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I bought slotted front and rears a few years ago, the fronts have worn all the way through the slots. I replaced them with solid ones for a while. The rear pair still have like 80% of the depth of the slot left. Go figure.

But yeah, Slots FTW.

Anyone interested in Slotted Cryos?

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