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Have Dave Arrested?


we have a hacker in our midst.  

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QUOTE (Plan_B @ Jul 2 2008, 03:38 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
You're not hot enough to be with me (figuratively of course)

can't you go down to california and ge married now, so you can stop hitting on people on VS lol? what happened to Dave, I want to know!

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I gave a no vote. Sounds like he was just trying to joke around. Hacking? In my personal opinion, far from it. Trying to guess your way into the account shouldn't be a problem if you have an appropriate password. Trying too many times and locking you out is rather obnoxious but far from worthy of legal action. You must really not like him if you even considered. Now, I think hes a racist douche, and I'm a pretty hateful and spiteful person myself, and even I don't think its worth caring about.

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my intention was to make him apologies to justin and greg about comments he made regarding their wives.

i've grown bored of him so i closed this.

dave, don't make a comment about somebodys partner again and we can coexist.

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