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Life Sucks



sigh, another crappy day at work. got there at 1pm and it seemed that no one wanted the big job of the day so they waited for me to get there. 6 speakers, 2 subs, a mono and 4 channel amp, a capacitor, 6 speakers and a deck in a '99 suburban. When i arrived the speaker wire and rca's were ran throug hte dash and that was it. i had 6hrs to complete the job and it was definitly not happening. i got the amps and cap wired up in about 2 hours, while everyone else played wiffleball out back. I was getting seriously frustrated so i chucked a huge bolt at the wall, which got everyone attention so they finally started helping me. We ened up getting it out the door at 7:30(we close at 7) but then i found out the ticket was split 3 ways, so i only got maybe $50 for the whole ordeal.

not to mention thanksgiving is on thursday which means another round of everyone asking me "where's your girlfriend", then i say "I don't have one", then they say "why not?", and i say "i don't know", then they walk away like i'm a fricking loser. totally unhappy with my life right now, tons of bills, a messed up car to fix, no GF and i don't even have any friends who are girls to begin with :angry: can someone tell me wtf is wrong with me? i'm just gonna stop now before i fill 2 pages with my isht.

lee :(


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