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Proud To Be An American



Ok, for this you will need to read the back story here:


Let me start by saying, I am as American as the next guy. I come from a military family going back 4 generations I know of. I worked on base here for years, and was employed under an anti-terrorism agency. But stories like this annoy me. For two basic reasons. One they are fake, and two what about all the other jobs that are just as important.

Lets start with the other jobs. Say trash pick up. They are every bit as important as our standing army. I know some of you are saying, "But they do no risk their lives every day". Usually I would be flippant and insist that they do, but ok fine. What about firefighters, cops, any roughneck? I am not saying soldiers are less important, but certainly other jobs deserve credit too. Are we going to start all dressing alike every day of the month to honor different jobs? What about those of use with a work place environment that would not allow us to wear red. On top of this most of the military personnel I know, are annoyed by being thanked every day. I never see this happen here at Eglin, but once you are a few hundred miles from any base, every one is thanking anyone in camo right down to the deer hunter.

OK I said this was fake. It is. At least some elements of it. Anyone who has flown through Hartsfield knows that Hannibal crossing the terminal on elephant back would not get the attention of that many people. Hersey.... ok. The young airmen lied to the girl about talking to her dad. At the least that type of behavior should not be rewarded.

I view this story of a form of urban legend. Why do people make these up. Well for two reasons. First is because in these troubled times we all want to feel good. Second is because if someone "Likes" it the poster stands to make money off the site. I am a cynic I know. With that said if you are proud to be an American, but have any doubts about this specific story reply and say thanks to the troops all while not being a sheep.


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