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  2. One small thing a day as I battle some depression. One small project Ive been putting off, after work, before dinner. Monday was fixing the wiring on the rear tow harness (not like ill ever tow anything with that 1.25". No photos. Tuesday was swapping to black roof cross bars, small feet as it sounds, but I installed new rubber and bolts as the black sets I had were pretty rough compared to the silver set. Everyday I try to stop saying no to working on the wagon as I really have no need or want to anymore.
  3. i may have a set of used ones for sale soon - redoing my 855r suspension
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  6. Hello all- I'm looking for a pair or a single Koni Yellow rear shock for the 850/70 platform. Koni part number is 80-2712 SPORT Long story short, one of my shocks blew, and I'd like a third to swap in while I have the blown one rebuilt...
  7. I wanted to continue this thread just to conclude it, as the car has been down for a few weeks while I waited for a starter from Tasca. I replaced it last night and still got no start- it turned out to be the positive cable. As soon as I replaced that it fired right up. I suppose the original starter is still good, but after 160k miles I'm fine with a new one anyway. I was hesitant to replace it previously because it appeared to be in good condition. If my troubleshooting skills were up to snuff I suppose I could have checked it earlier and saved some downtime and hassle. Water under the
  8. did some market research after listing lol... ill take $40 for it - you pay shipping Greg
  9. R Exhaust Manifold Removed from my 850R - I ran this for about 10 years and 20k miles Its stock - not modded No issues/no cracks/no thread issues - for sale because I opened up/smoothed out a Japanifold and running that now Dont want to ship it but I will... CONUS only though. $60 + shipping. Let me know if interested, I can text/share photos as well. Greg
  10. I got the Sylvania h7 led as my main headlights, I'll see if putting the old high beam bulbs back in works Also can't touch the DRL screw since it's capped due to it being a Canadian model Edit: the lights just started working again this morning, in all 3 modes (walking lights, position 2 and when the car has started) I'll see if they work tonight and if they do, I won't turn on my high beams, as I have a feeling that is the main culprit
  11. Could be the pricing. Most swaps here in the states are still running 500-600 range.
  12. Same here, I am running a DW pump specifically for E85. IIRC the stock pump will run E85, I think there was some discussion years back about if the fuel lines would though, but to my knowledge they're fine.
  13. Touch the DRL screw. Have you tried changing back to halogen bulbs to see if that cures the issue? Perhaps you got low quality LED's?
  14. Hello, my 2000 Volvo S70 low beams have decided they no longer want to illuminate, I replaced them last year with LED's and had no problems at all with them, until tonight when they decided to hyper flash and not work at all. I was forced to pull the high beam stock all the way home, when I got home I checked out the fuses and none were blown as far as I could tell with my multimeter, I also checked the battery just in case and it had 12.6 volts. I didn't go further because can't see anything under the hood due to it being 3 in the morning, yet I noticed the illuminate feature when y
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  16. Damn, sweet stuff. you got off Facebook VS so here I am 😂
  17. I have a problem. I bought V70 from second hand and I got 410 code. I put diode in ECU, unplug pump, exhaust valve (somebody deleted it). Above cooling fan i have solenoid with violet and white line. Violet is cut and close but white running to my throttle. Should I close it - both ways? And shoild I leave solenoid above cooling fan with power cube plug in? please help @Keaton85 @Volvo5.0
  18. The DeatschWerks DW300 should work for your application. Very good pumps for reasonable price. They don't have a specific kit for the 850 but the generic kit works well. Many on VS have used them w/o issue. I've been using the DW200 (for gas) for several years now. Not familiar w/Quantum; maybe they're good too; don't know.
  19. No one interested in manual swapping a p80 AWD??
  20. agreed 500 or you are better off making your own r out of a better base car...
  21. Has anyone tried these Quantum fuel pumps? Should work with E85.
  22. I didn't know it was a thing either until a local told me about it. Then found out you can Crack the CEM using it, which will definitely be happening next month. Not sure how many times I can tell you thanks but I definitely appreciate it. It will definitely be getting a good bit of use, especially with all those non CEL throwing codes that came up.
  23. Forgot to update on the X1/9: Drive to Carlisle - only me & one Volvo this year - Fiat got moved away from adjacent to the Volvo section this year The other red X1/9 is what mine looked like originally I did get this Did the exhaust note trials - just for fun - noticed I'm getting some oil smoke Finally got the car Dyno-tuned on Thursday. 195WHP, 165WTQ
  24. Mostly for the 2-bolt control arms, IIRC. I believe they're the same as the AWD subframe, otherwise.
  25. Yes we did, two valves has damage'd. Pistons luckaly not. Now a know a cant use the model 9497822. So, looking further. Thanks for your answer.
  26. Glad someone could use it instead of it sitting on a shelf.
  27. If the cam is actually broken the pistons probably have hit some of the valves. Have you pulled the head off to confirm they did or didn’t?
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