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  1. I don't know is anyone knows this or not. The ECU receptacles are made by AMP/TE, The large are Junior Timer and the small ones are Micro timer II. Volvo want loads of money for them, if you buy the AMP version, They cost peanuts. Ive just bought 50 of each for £11.40.
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  2. Only one thing is better and that is divided manifold and divided turbine housing on turbo when using 4cyl engine (better spool and overlap handling). 5cyl is better in everyother way because it can handle one cylinder more power with same modifications. Tune is the most important thing when having lots of power and torque. If its not just right engine wont hold long. :) Thanks guys! I will try to help you as much as i can. ;)
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  3. Chopped up the instrument cluster to move the tach next to the speedo adding some v70 and 700 content - idiot light cluster & film little bit of circuit wiring rewiring the harness finally, view through the wheel :) EZK 116 with wasted spark mod Harness... Coil placement Power stage & heat sink Kingsborne custom plug wires in, distributor removed (Fiat made a blanking plug for cam mounted distributor setups) tach pulse relay
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  4. Yep, makes sense https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/trumps-education-nominee-and-her-family-members-are-major-donors-to-the-senators-who-will-vote-on-her-confirmation/2017/01/06/3d995d0e-d2d0-11e6-a783-cd3fa950f2fd_story.html
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