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  1. Wagon is looking pretty good man. I like the aux lights. That's a fitting and no doubt memorable pic of the church. A little glimpse of solace in this time of mourning...and hopefully healing. Good luck to you guys. I've thought of your post often as we have small kids and it's reminded me of how lucky I am.
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  2. The 850 has an accessory connector under the driver side dash; not sure if the S70 does? Look around under the driver's side dash until you find the Grn wire w/Ylw tracer. Test it with test light or volt meter but it should be hot in RUN and START key positions. http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/173823-wideband-power-connecting/?do=findComment&comment=2427914
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  3. . . Let's make this the best... Volvos at the Farm yet! Volvo & SAAB meet, people's choice car show, raffle, and fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association. All vintage and modern Swedish cars including daily drivers are welcome! For those who want to show their car, categories will include Vintage, Performance, Modern, and Daily Driver. We're excited to catch up with our Swedish car friends and reach new fundraising goals for the Alzheimer's Association. Spectators welcome! The Farm at Carter Hill is located along Route 66 in a rural country setting. It’s a s
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  4. I ended up getting a 2001 V70 T5. I wanted an 850 just because of the tuning options BUT ill learn to love this one after I replace the trans. Im doing some reading up on tuners now.
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