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  1. Cool yes those are aeros thanks. I'll keep looking/waiting ...
  2. I should have a nice spare set of P80 bars I have to check P2 bars are they good condition and would you ship a set? Well but I am looking for rectangular load bars not the aero bars.
  3. Yes. This is what I have:
  4. Mine is still available PM'ed
  5. I have one in the garage but probably can't get to it right away. PM me if still looking.
  6. It's not new except to me but I have 6 struts to do in the next couple months and this will make it much easier. The tool lived in a local body shop and while it was well used it was also greased regularly and not abused. They upgraded to a larger one.
  7. The lawsuits I've been aware of are all ridiculous so far. But I agree with you it all has to play out to really be done, I just don't see it changing. Razor-thin though the margins are there are just too many blue states.
  8. LOL at the train. This one's finally over I think. No amount of fabrication turns this around. But McConnell is still the devil.
  9. It wasn't today, and my car is (always) dirty but, I recently installed a hitch on the S60R. Now I am not stuck using the beater wagon to move the bikes around.
  10. 2018 was the stock market's worst year since 1931. Does Dumpster still get credit? Or are you going to change your story to some other mindless, canned, crap.
  11. Put new struts, mounts and spring seats in the 95 this weekend. Bilstein TC and kept the original R springs.
  12. Factory collar or had you already done work on it?
  13. I was going to say the cabinets are nice but the garage is way too clean.
  14. There is also a Photobucket fixer plugin for Firefox, e.g. No, I don't think there is one for Safari.