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  1. The dealers here in the bay area will quote you $350 to $400 for the radiator. iPd may get you an OEM radiator for $285, but they're probably going to charge you to have the box delivered to your door also. I ended up getting mine from CJ for the lowest price. Let me know if you need help. It's not too bad of a job and you can probably get it all done by yourself in a day if there aren't any complications.
  2. While you are running around the city with the temporary fix, it might be good to keep some extra coolant or distilled water in the trunk in case the temp seal gives or another one starts leaking. Mine started as a small leak in the upper hose area like yours and by the end of the day it had emptied half of the coolant reservoir. Also order a thermostat and coolant temp sensor if you haven't replaced them yet. They're easy to do while you're doing the radiator.
  3. ^^^ Nice endlink comparison courtesy of SteveS, who broke his VMS link at Thunderhill. Glad to see you're back Slater and hope you're doing well. I'm very satisfied with my QBM endlinks... just wish you announced the group buy before I ordered my two sets. :(
  4. you can also try the iPd HD or QuickBrick Motorsport endlinks for durability
  5. Sorry, no 875Rs with AWD for me. If you can find me a white 855R, gray interior, that I don't have to invest thousands of dollars more in to get it in good condition, I'll be flying up for a visit. And no, I'm not the guy posting on all the craigslists for a white R.
  6. Hey Kevin, Best wishes for you in your new career. Change is good... I'll probably be talking to you soon about the wagon we were discussing before.