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  1. Im having the same issue. Can you share the 305 bin with just the logging code and xdf with dk k+l decel leaning factor (Faktor Verzögerungsabmagerung)? Is the 305 bin a auto bin or do you need to convert it via hex adress? I'll pay you for it.
  2. I got a n/a bin with damos and i have been trying to make my own xdf. I have found the ignition map,fuel map,re engage ignition advance, k-l DK decel,idle ignition and idle rpm, but rpms,load and temp are not in order, the ignition map starts with -9s and k-l DK decel is weird too. Anyone know whats wrong? I also need help finding probe diagnostic in front of catalytic converter hex adress and if its a manual or auto bin(trans switch hex adress?) Thanks na.7z