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  1. Filled it with oil again after the oil cooler hard line decided to pop off while I was driving. Maybe it time to do the PCV again :(
  2. I want that car so bad... Please tell me its a manual
  3. A quick wash. My phone still sucks
  4. Looking forward to next year! Bummed I couldn't make it this year but the rain pics made me a little less sad.
  5. Stupid ball seat broke on me again, easier to change the whole shifter assembly... What kind of grease is best to use on the shifter ball?
  6. Went to replace a brake hose, had to end up replacing the entire hard line. One of my stainless steel hoses actually ripped :/
  7. Cool, the car doesn't look good though. I'd get a V40 Polestar instead
  8. Always wondered how black seats in a tan interior would look.... Looks good man!
  9. Wow nice wheels, are those BBS or replicas?
  10. I was trying out the Vivid color setting on a Canon Power Shot sx400... Looks shit