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  1. They rode pretty good. Even on 22 year old Bilsteins.
  2. TME lowering springs from the IPD project S70 in the pics. These are the lowest springs I have ever owned. They tucked the rear and there was no finger gap in the fronts. I dont know if IPD had these specially made because the car was going to be in a magazine but they look incredible. Picture is a front spring side by side with an Eibach front spring. If they need to be shipped that will be extra.
  3. I know that Aaron sets up his tunes where the cel will blink upon detonation. Is there any way to make the CEL come on solid if the coolant reaches a certain temp? Just curious.
  4. Exactly what I did. Then wrapped the wires and gorilla taped it back together. Light went out immediately. Thank baby Jesus.
  5. Unfortunately the thread while helpful doesnt explain how the black cover comes off. I have pried everywhere I can but not knowing how it attaches is a huge disadvantage. I am confidant it is not the module as I just last week replaced it with a Mattymoo special.
  6. Swapped out the abs module and when I did the two power wires that go to the pump stripped themselves bare. I need to get the black cover off the pump to recover the wires but cant figure out how its fastened. Please let me know if you know. Gary
  7. I just got another 98 T5M to play with but for a daily driver I went domestic with a ATS Coupe. Loving it if I do say so myself. Definitely not the Caddy I remember,.
  8. Small one on top of the turbo and the L at the bottom of the intercooler. Please let me know if you have one or both.
  9. Ok so I left for too long and forgot most of what I thought I knew. The IPD project that I just bought has old skool TME springs on it and they are a little lower than I am comfortable with. All 4 corners are actually tucked. I seem to remember HRE or Eibachs being a little more mild. Am I correct here? Let me know fellas. Gary
  10. I see these being run for stereos in a lot of other cars but is there a harness to run one in a volvo yet (p80)? Gary
  11. Actually thinking about a set of refreshed Nebulas or a set of Rota Titans. Thoughts?