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  1. Bought these for the s70 but didn't have It long enough to put them on. They fit the p80 exhaust cutout perfectly. 85 plus actual shipping for one. 150 plus actual shipping for both.
  2. Did you inadvertently add a zero to the end of the price?
  3. no and yes. Yes, I threw it out thinking the guy would go away and he said "can I pick it up saturday". Did you really need to post that here? You could have easily put that in my previous post. Wasnt the plan but I would have been a fool to say no.
  4. Well number 36 (probably the last) left my garage today. A local guy knew the story about the car and made an offer I battled with but knew I couldn't refuse. Not sure how long I will be volvoless this time but I know I won't find a nicer one.
  5. so I recently put the C70 subframe and rear subframe brace in and was wondering if the front brace from the c70 would firm it up even more. Its the one that ties the front and the rear of the subframe together. V shaped.
  6. Just the insert is fine. Looking for front 0assenger and rear driver side doors. Gary
  7. Gregs offer looked really tempting but I found some on Facebook.
  8. Yeah and my fuel gauge is off a quarter tank. Changed the level indicator and still the same. I am thinking bad cluster but the car only has 72000 miles on it and I sure dont want to change to a 200k cluster. Is there anything else I could check?
  9. The fancy step motor boost gauge that i bought needs an uninterrupted switched power source to function properly. All the usual suspects are cut during ignition. Does anyone know where I could find one? Please let me know if you know. Gary
  10. My car came with 205/50-17s on it and I changed to 215/45-17s but found that the speedo is off +10 at 60 (actual 70). I know that the tire size can be compensated for with the volvo tool but is there any way to find out with vol fcr or any other tool what my current tire size is showing?
  11. Wheels are 7.5 wide. Aaron sent me a tune and its great I would just like to keep the original (with some tweaks) if I could. I will have to look into the rollover valve.