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  1. Kevin will no longer be offering his opinion on this topic as I have banned him. Chuck- What are your thoughts, and dont just disagree with me to get my goat. Gary
  2. Wow, then I must be bending rods every time I hit the fuel cut. My rods are now pretzels huh? I feel so dumb now. You cant honestly think that throwing injectors at the motor without knowing your A/F is smart. Didnt say that there is no way you need bigger injectors, but I am saying 98.9% of the people on this site dont. Gary
  3. Hmmm, I have my injectors on my KB set to go stagnant (wide open) at WOT. Been like that for 6 years. Ford must make really good injectors. Besides, I hardly think my injectors are at 100% duty cycle on the volvo. Gary
  4. These are fuel pressure readings from my 97 T-5. Idle fuel pressure (16 inches of vac) 38 lbs 0 vac 45 lbs of FP 7 lbs boost- 52 lbs of FP 15 lbs of boost- 60 lbs of FP. When injectors are rated for lbs per minute or cc's, they are rated at 32 lbs of fuel pressure. At 60 lbs of pressure, you are almost doubling the fuel output. of each injector. I am not saying that none of you need bigger injectors, but I am saying dont go bigger unless a wideband says you are leaning out. My .02 Gary
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