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  1. No we were to busy with Hillary and the Dem nomination scandal. Hillary and the email scandal. Hillary and the Benghazi murders. Funny how liberals are so blind.
  2. I really believe that her and Huma scissor just about every night. Try to visualize that while eating dinner.
  3. Anyone that would hit that nasty bitch needs to be locked up and their sanity tested with electrical shock.
  4. Now the dems are looking for a cool logo like that. I am thinking two taco's rubbing together for her and Huma after hours. they could even put a real pussy in the pic for Bernie. ;) Trump train. wooooot wooooot. The shit Obama left is going to need more than TP to clean up.
  5. Ryan is a gutless pussy. I don't even think he tries to hide it. Might be a closet Lib. Ummm, no.
  6. I don't disagree but wont happen so.............
  7. It sure does. The Liberals don't need prostitutes cuz they fuck. people all day every day. :-) it's a shame most Americans are too naive to know this. But hey as long as they're giving free s*** out who cares right?
  8. I see how you might think that. I disagree though. I see it like this. Trump put Cruz 2020 in a bag, lit in on fire, rang the doorbell, and Cruz came out and stomped on it, a victim of Jedi Master Trump mind tricks. I understand that isnt popular here but thats my view of it.
  9. And glorious. I freaking loved it. It was like a pep rally before a football game. Trump train gonna roll wooot woooot. But wait isn't your narrative that all this was orchestrated? But even so Cruz has principles? Interesting............
  10. And ruined his political career in the process. He thought it would be his moment. lol He wont be re-elected in Texas now that's for sure. He belongs in the same category as the Hildebeast. Lying sack a shit. After his feeble speech he went up to Adeleon's suite to find that he was no longer welcome and was turned away. Trump gave him a rope and that stupid little bastard hung himself. I love it. Trump Train. woooooooot woooooooooot. Shit show. lol. You obviously are only watching thru your socialist glasses. If you don't think Trump is a real threat to become president then you really are ignorant.
  11. Yeah I saw it after I posted. Sorry for the clutter.
  12. nevermind. Already been asked and answered.
  13. Veal, now you are insulting veal? Really? They are obviously elephant trunks.
  14. Yep and all you could come up with is a shitty first lady stab. I am shocked you didn't take a dig at Marcus Luttrell for surviving the attack, or Giuliani for the tower coming down (we know you blame that on Bush) but if you didn't have something to cut and paste you got nothing. Keep digging. Maybe you will find where the limo driver that took them to the convention had a speeding ticket from 10 years earlier. Keep the computer up. I am sure you will get something. Have faith. Your candidate's husband had an intern suck his dick while in office. I am sure in your mind copying parts of 3 sentences of a speech is worse. lol In the end both mean nothing but hold on to that. Its all you got. ;)
  15. Yeah and with Hillary supporters that fear is masked by total ignorance. I guess if you claim not to know how ill prepared she is to take office then you cant be blamed for electing ole cankles.
  16. 24 hours of digging and that's all you could find huh? Sad that even those shitty internet rag sites you frequent are realizing the fact that a storms coming. Keep worrying about the First Lady. At least you have that. ;) PS- I bet Hillary is drooling thinking about sitting at the desk that Monica knelt behind. I bet it makes her so wet that she had to call Huma in for a private session.
  17. Mike that source looks sound. Lol Trump has owned over 900 businesses and 7 went bankrupt. Hillary has owned one. Guess what. It went bankrup . I know you really want to believe that he is a bad businessman but there is proof to the contrary. I probably wouldn't be a Trumpeteer (see what I did there) if hillary wasn't such a slimy piece of shit. I honestly the that people are so blinded in their hate for trump that they can't see what the alternative is.
  18. And that candidate will be better than any Liberal, socialist in the last 50 years. Trump train. Wooot woooooot
  19. Mike, I guess you haven't read anything about Whitewater?, Benghazi? Home servers? LOL I don't even have to dig up links. Every one else see's it . LOL Trump Train. wooooot wooooot There is a storm coming and it wont include any of the free shit you two where hoping for. He has to figure out what the next "free stuff" angle will be. 7 years too late.
  20. Exactly what every Trump supporter wants. Corruption isn't just a Liberal trait. The fat ass money taking Pubs need to go away also. Time for change. Trump will get us there.
  21. That would work to. King Trump. Wooot woooot.
  22. LOL ok. You really need to stop believing everything you read.
  23. LOL, you forgot to add that Trump hates Mexicans, Muslims and he is a racist. Those three things fall into the same "bullshit" category as what you listed.