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  1. lol even though this place is sadly 90% dead these days lol I am in dire need of an engine harness for a 96 turbo (or from a 97 m4.3 turbo car)
  2. Yet again i wont make it due to work, gonna be in Germany
  3. Since no one did it yet..... slackers
  4. What the fuck did i get myself into....Kahplenke shit is still on it..?
  5. Well he used a hammer or something to "roll" the fenders to start...
  6. Bought it over a year ago, but finally dragged it home this weekend. Obviously a 98 Saffron C70, full Kahplenke suspension but blown motor and trans.
  7. I guess im old... i fucking hate the FB group... especially whoever was dumb enough to make kevin an admin... sheesh jk love ya kev, doing a great job