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  1. I've seen 2 of these over the years. People brought them into the shop i've worked on and off for. One was a black one that was modded pretty heavily. They are are an interesting drive that is for sure.
  2. 8 shots of jager and who knowsz how many beers... 3 girls later and i shouldnt be posting this. o wait going to another bar now.... awesome
  3. so bored... I started drinking by myself this afternoon while watching car and mountain biking videos. So far 1 pint of a beer that I "semi-brewed", a Sol, and now I'm working on a Rising Moon by Blue Moon Brewery. And I just decided that putting on my downhill helmet and testing it is a good idea. Haven't worn it in several months since I can't go riding until summer because I'm technically still recovering from my shoulder surgery. I can't wait until summer when I get to ride again. I was only able to get a couple good rides in on my new bike (specialized rockhopper my parents bought me for
  4. back from the baja 500... our trans blew 8.5 miles from finish line

  5. wow... I just checked out the S60 concept pics. completely different than what I thought, but wow I love the new look. I always thought the s60 should have been more coupe like and now it is.
  6. I haven't seen any more ads on my screen... I'm running safari.
  7. I would actually contact a off-road or rock crawler shop. They know there stuff about 4wd and might be able to help find you some compatible gears.
  8. what about other types of intoxication hahaha... lets go to my fridge in my dorm room. Vitamin water, water, southern comfort, jim bean, and three different bottles of tequila. Wow, now I know why I sleep so much haha.
  9. When I move my horns I took the good 'ol dremel plastic radiator mount thing and opened up the intake snorkel area for better breathing.
  10. Little help... wat the hell does this say?!?!?!?! I see 400hp on the post but I cant find out how...