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  1. Roll 'em a tad before lower
  2. 1). Goody! 2). (door handles). Goody#2! (rain diverters). Yeah, My '97 854R has the rain diverter trim strips, too--they have faded with age/oxidation, that's why I was axin'. 3). Nice to know it wiped right off the paint for you. I would be applying it while the bumper covers and trim are off the car--make it easier for me. The rear bumper cover I can just tape where the paint abuts the gray.
  3. Looks very nice, might be what I'm looking for: 1) Does it bleed at all onto paint when it rains? 2) Can you apply, or have you applied, this to door handles and roof trim? If so, did it give same results? 3) Did you do anything special in applying it, or did you go strictly by the instructions that came with it?
  4. Well, now I see that I'm not getting vids, like you other doods been sayin'. Cheet, mang!
  5. I've been using the mobile version (Volvospeed Connect) almost exclusively (on iPhone4) for a couple years now, and to my memory have had no reportable, sustained, inconvenient issues. The reason I've been using mobile is that I haven't yet fixed or replaced my computer. :/
  6. I don't think his stance on either of those issues justifies the labels of "out there" or "borderline crazy" (and I do acknowledge that you "wouldn't say he was borderline crazy"). Too many people will continue to let the boat head for the falls, simply because they're afraid of creating waves if they were to turn the boat around. "...too much common sense." ha! Yeah, I always wonder if people realize how ironic their use of that "argument" is.
  7. I wish; but I kinda think the legislation will come back, possibly from a more obtuse angle, and/or piecemeal. It's about the money to be made, so they'll just get more sneaky.
  8. Transborder Immigrant Tool = T.I.T. How appropriate.
  9. What ideas did Ron Paul have that were so "out there" or that make him "borderline crazy"? (Serious question)
  10. That's the truth, and Obama gave it to 'em --18 months (or whatever)! And it's not that he's that dumb; he just has his agenda, but most Americans don't want to believe that he's shoving it up this country's butt.
  11. 1) para.1 you wrote "...you have the right to own a gun..."; para.2 you wrote "...To actually own a gun is a privilege." Which do you believe it to be, a right or a privilege? I'll help you out with a little hint: Have you ever heard or read the phrase "the right to keep and bear arms"? Where does that phrase come from? 2)What if I'm unemployed/not working, but someone gives me some money, say an inheritance, or I win the lottery? Are you saying that then I don't have the right to buy a gun? And what do you mean by "X criteria"? 3)your para.3: Surely you can think of more "indus
  12. Over the years I've seen the medical/health care community change positions so many times on the management of many particular diseases/health care issues. Studies are done on the same issue/disease year after year, and different, often apparently opposing, conclusions are made. Conclusions in the studies are based on what facts were included as "evidence" (and which facts were NOT included), and the methods used to study the "evidence" (and what methods were NOT used). Outcomes and conclusions can be skewed without difficulty based on which particular facts, methods, and statistical analys
  13. You've watched a couple videos. Now that's, as you say, "COOL!"