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  1. He explained all of that in the comments on the side bar. He said it only took 2 hours to charge it back to 100%. Its also his daily driver. He didnt specify how long it lasted though
  2. I'm almost at the year mark and i absolutly love this place. I tried turbobricks and swedespeed. But turbobricks is obviously 200/700/900 series oriented and swedespeed has JRL who always seems to try to sell you a car. I personally would rather have people like arob posting something stupid every hour than try to ward off a salesman trying to sell you a v70 becuase your 850 has a missing radio code. Ive bought and sold so much stuff through VS (FS section AND auctions lol) and ive gotten so much advice on my cars. I would have never thought to put oil in my cylinders to regain compression. lo
  3. Chuck has been after a bunch of mechnics to do write up on P2 repairs. He has a thread around somewhere
  4. ehh who cares what you give out. your doing more than other sites would do
  5. what could you buy with 20-50 dollars for one of our cars? an oil change? a mbc? Hell with that, cash would be great. Its nice to know that while chuck could easily just pocket the said money he is giving it back to the community. Hats off to ya
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  8. maybe ill buy a couple more to link to vs auctions!
  9. woohoo just bought 6 blocks for my dads company ill prolly have to fix the link though, the site isnt much yet
  10. I know in my state state police and state troopers are the same thing. I actually belive they phased out all troopers
  11. in connecticut all you have to do is contest it and show up and it goes down to 35 dollars
  12. maybe in canada but its differnet in every state. Where is this guy from anyway?
  13. there is one going on now and there was one last week
  14. i have no room to talk becuase im in the air force but to say that people join the marines so they don't see combat is just plain stupid. If you dont want to see combat you join the navy yea i know air force but at least im in security forces and will be deploying next year
  15. Can't wait til oh eight. Thats the run of my political experience
  16. All i will contribute is that i liked our foreign policy pre-world war I.
  17. i think there is a thread already started although i dont know where
  18. i was gonna do this ecu for my NA but i bought a turbo instead :P
  19. thats all im saying it would've been nice especially with the deal he got. on a nother note you didnt check all the fluids before taking it on all long trip? and if you upgrade to a throttle body turbo are you gunna sell some of the old turbo parts?
  20. dude 3% of 1800 is like 55 bucks that was kind of mean not to pay it
  21. who knows? someone has to try out new products and since there is still a decent amount VS'ers running NA it might be worth thier while if it pans out. We'll just consider him a guinea pig if it works great but if it doesnt only he has to dish the money
  22. i can do smokeshows in my NA but thats becuase of the 5spd. if you get good results with the chip i might consider keeping my car.
  23. the stock rating of a lpt is 190 hes saying that he will be about that rating with the chip and some mods. he didnt mean to the wheels