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  1. looks awesome, i always forget how high the stock 850 is, mine has been so low for so long now!
  2. what engine management do you use on the car?
  3. dont suppose you have a engine bay picture for that 850 with the diesel block?
  4. man I wish my engine bay looked like that, well with the turbo piping and filter added of course!
  5. what does the stock headliner weigh in at ?
  6. now hat looks miles better! amazing how a few centimeters makes!
  7. looks good! rear needs to be a little lower though
  8. man i remember the swede demon! new wagon looks good!
  9. you mind sharing what bolt on FPR that is? never mind, just saw the other thread about it!
  10. you know that camper needs to be wrapped like your hood