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  1. somehow I feel like this is the hardest thread to find when you're actually drunk :lol: :lol: yeah a few car bombs down and then some Yuengling Bock!
  2. very cool, nice update chuck testing change right now
  3. Just found out Above & Beyond is coming to Vegas in 3 weeks... and I just bought myself a ticket to travel home so now I don't have spare cash to go see my favorite trance group of all time :(
  4. thread says "as your car sits" my car got stuck on the exhaust coming off the driveway, that's how it sat thanks for the great advice chief
  5. washed her today to get the millions of bugs off the front end, had fun getting into my new driveway it's still not low enough for me, honestly... I think I have a problem don't mind the 2 different set of wheels, its only for another few days
  6. Sad day... who needs springs... when you can ride on frame! Now time to move the Honda into the garage :P
  7. just pulled into a parking spot at school and a kid on a Ninja just told me I have the sickest Volvo he's ever seen. Good start to the day
  8. I hate plugging in the obd scanner... shitty results every time P0102 P0172 P0455 P0108
  9. probably one of my favorite short movies ever! excellent choice of music and even better videography I'm not a huge dub fan but they're growing on me after this :lol:
  10. DD had 2 beers over a 4 hour span and was absolutely fine but unfortunately blew a .02
  11. I smell like hydrogen peroxide from punching a brick wall while watching my dd get an underage and narrowly missing a DUI
  12. DelawareT5M

    MRS 051.jpg

    holy blow off valve!
  13. fuck V-day, and coincidently having your ex gf in the next lane over when you're bowling cherry bombs