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  1. I’m fuckin back. This will get things going again. The king of shitposting is here. Btw i became a gramps in January BMAC IS GHEY!
  2. Lol trump divided us? yall forgot Obama’s 8 yrs of racial and gender identity politics? omfg some of you ate so blinded by your cofirmation bias. The fact that Hildabeast and the rest of her assclown gangsters aren’t in stripes yet should concern you. If you really read what’s going on, if you really can get your heads out of your asses, if you are really honest with yourself you’d see the law is for thee and not for me culture of the power elites but remembered conservatives want to push gramma off the cliff starve babies and put gay folks in concentra
  3. I've been discussing in this thread for 3 yrs. The persisting concept of socialist utopia via Bernie or Hillary and how consevatives will ruin the world got old. Obama sucked ass. ACA is terrible. Out standing world wide is a joke. The peace dividend in the ME has led to ISIS and the refugee crisis. Hillary is a crook. Her husband is a serial rapist. Bernie is an outright communist and Jill Stein is a fucking moonbat in the vein of Jerry Brown. The US is too stable for one person to ruin it. You anti trump folks are running around like Chicken Little. Now Poor Fudge Brownie is angry wi
  4. If 9mm is the question Glock G19 is the answer! 45ACP? Just by a G21sf or Gen4 G21 and move on!! You can't beat CS, aftermarket and magazine prices and availability of Glock pistols. Hi Che!!
  5. Lololo lololo lolololol any suicides yet? OhnozeTrump!!!! best ever ammo prices!! the Frog King has arisen praise Kek!!! the butt hurt and crying socialists is nothing short of fantastic. But it was the Roosians!!! Cut the shit. Over 1000 dems lost seats nationwide in state legislatures etc. Policy killed Hillary, not some vast conspiracy. Obama is a petulant child breaking shit everywhere he goes. Fake news blah blah blah. My 401k is getting fatter every letter I type. You folks wanted to maintain the failed status quo of machine politics.
  6. Matt, Soros was a quisling during WWII. Hungarian Jew that helped the Nazis round up his fellow citizens. He has destabilized currencies in Europe and profited from the chaos. Many of his benefactors are affiliated with Communist party activities and organizations. Look at where the money goes. He is a scary man, with no conscience.
  7. If Nixon had done what HRC had done Woodwad and Bernstein would have a field day digging around. But I guess Bob is afraid he would commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head. Or get a weight bar dropped on his neck. Trump is no winner, but the cognizant dissonance of the HRC backers is appalling. She is a power hungry felon that hates the little people and hates America in general. I guess some animals are more equal than others...if you cant see the Foundation and the machine of hers are tied to influence peddling, well your just not as smart as you all think you a
  8. Rob, how ya doing?

    I got a 96 850 sedan sitting in west palm. I am trying to unload it. It needs electrical work, the engine and tranny is strong, body is good. about 175k miles on it

    Blue with tan interior. 

    I just want to get it off the property.




    If you got any leads let me know.






  9. LOl no shit Cattle-Futures Miracle - Hillary’s first commodity trade was in cattle futures where she ordered 10 futures contracts which normally cost $12,000 dollars with only $1,000 dollars in her account. This turned into $6,300 dollars by the next morning and after 10 months totaled $100,000, with trading help from James B. Blair. Travelgate Scandal - Catherine Cornelius, a 25-year-old cousin of Bill's was allegedly promised the position of director of the travel office. Hillary Clinton then (indirectly) fired seven employees from the United States travel office and
  10. gas and oil prices have not stimulated private biz growth
  11. Every 6 months ! Interesting times to say the least...the obvious dissatisfaction with the status quo and the social upheaval the last 6-8 yrs has caused a great deal of angst at many levels. paychecks are getting whacked, power brokers and the control class are being challenged, more people on assistance than ever before, self-declared protected classes seizing their opportunity, out side threats, cultural shifts etc. I'm not sure we should have expected anything different at this point. Couple of observations: Repubs brought a very diverse set of candidates to the table. Hisp
  12. if I live to be 96. No way. I'll pack it in way before that. Sell hotdogs from a cart in the beach. Cash business. Help me fulfill my dream. Go to the For Sale Forum and buy my parts!! next 85,000 Muslim refugees 70% of which are 16-30 yr old males. No chance they'll be militant.
  13. Maybe we can take down the Stars and Stripes too. Slaves were owned in the original 13. Or burn all the paintings of Washington and Jefferson. Or better yet let's blow up the Jefferson memorial or topple the Washington monument. Let's just wipe out our white history before 1868. Let's burn all the history books, the facts are not being taught anyway. You Marxists are rewriting the history books and teaching gender coolness instead. What's the point? Bunch if fucking idiots behaving like ISIS destroying Christian historical artifacts. Do you idiots even hear what you're saying? Obama and his
  14. rflmao cruz is far right cuz he likes the Constitution. You guys crack me up. voters dont know shit, theyll elect another crook. HildaBeast, cuz shes a woman. wipe out a server, destroy evidence, lol country is fucked.