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  1. Hey there OzziMark, thanks for posting that SW exhaust manifold. for which model car was it meant for?


    Thanks in advance

  2. :( Sorry to hear that man. Those keepers are little bitches to get back in! I assume you've poked around with a little extendable magnet to see if you can pick it up?
  3. Perhaps, but we all know that politicians will say one thing during the election cycle and do something else when elected. I just wish the news would lay off on the nonsense bullshit and actually have real discussions. This interview with Sanders is a perfect example, and I'm glad he called the interviewer out on it: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/23/magazine/bernie-sanders-has-heard-about-that-hashtag.html?_r=1
  4. 88 downloads

    SW exhaust manifold
  5. Alternator speed will be reduced to 80% of the original speed. At 8krpm with the new pulley, the alt will be spinning the same speed as it was with the old pulley and the engine running at 6,400rpm. :)
  6. Per the specification, yes, it has a range of 0 to 250kPa gauge, which as you say, is 0-36.3 PSIg. How is that too good to be true? The chart on table 4 is just labeled strangely to accommodate the differential pressure versions as well. Note the text explaining figure 4 at the beginning of page 4: So it's an absolute pressure measurement across the sensing element, but in the "gauge" version of the sensor, one side is open to atmosphere.
  7. Not to be rude, but I'm not sure how there is any confusion here. The "GP" variant is clearly indicated within the data sheet to be a gauge version. The "D" and "DP" variants are differential pressure. None of them are absolute. I still hold the opinion that gauge pressure isn't the most meaningful for the application, but if it's what you want for your logging, I'm sure not gonna stop you! Hussein, sorry for the unclear instructions on the degree symbol Hold the alt key while typing 1 6 7 on the numpad, then release the alt key. 0178 is ², 0179 is ³, 0177 is ±, and so forth; they're
  8. the a in kPa is simply part of the abbreviation for "Pascal", Pa. It does not indicate absolute or gauge like psia/psig does. For the degree symbol, hold down alt and on the numpad enter in 167: º You would want absolute, because as you say, the gauge pressure isn't always exactly same, due to environmental differences. Ultimately, the point of using said sensor is to determine the density, thus the mass of oxygen in each combustion chamber, so an appropriate amount of fuel can be injected. If the sensor is giving a gauge reading, 10psi at sea level will be a lot different than
  9. If the fuel was cut, the engine should stop revving higher. The question then is did the ECU simply not respond to the rising RPMs quickly enough, or did it not cut at all? I would expect a significant change in EGT and AFR if it did actually cut.
  10. Getting into a bit of an unrelated tangent here, but "Pistons must be manufactured from an aluminium alloy which is either Al-Si ; Al-Cu ; Al-Mg or Al-Zn based." The material itself isn't anything special, it's just the design and tolerances they hold that make it work. There's nothing but engineering cost and reliability stopping us here :lol:
  11. It certainly can be done, but wear is gonna be an issue. For reference, a piston out of a modern F1 engine, 98mm bore. These guys are putting out north of 300bhp/L with a design life of around 2,000 racing miles between engine changes.
  12. How do you plan on routing the belt to make the alt spin the opposite direction then? Or am I just missing something obvious? :lol:
  13. If you've got a higher output alternator, have you considered going to an electric power steering pump? :)
  14. Nice pic. If I were to do one thing differently next time around, I would use stainless washers and nuts. Mine look like they will be hard to get off when it's time to swap them out again, despite the coating of anti-seize I used on everything :(
  15. Not my pic, but a pair of these for the rear deck. We'll see how they sound feel.