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  1. nice - only powering 4 speakers though?
  2. were they all the stick on type or did anybody make real replacements?
  3. yup did the same lol i have been too lazy to even go to the garage and look at what i did years ago. i will. soon enough. glad its fixed!
  4. lol - i remember asking about this too i wound up neatly cutting it off - i forget what i uncovered when i removed it and how it was fastened.
  5. still lambo hunt... i want to hear how that ends for the lambo owner haha awesome to hear about the bne/jrz set up! i love how mine looks at this ride height but do understand how screwed up the geometry is
  6. Matt what is your rear suspension set up? Do you have the BNE rear perches/springs? And what shocks? What do you think of the fronts? Get any more miles on them since you last posted?!?!
  7. Didnt want to do the braced c70 subframe or does that not work with awd?
  8. do you drive it daily? mine did/does this and goes away after some daily driving
  9. dude - love this ride
  10. I had H&R springs on my v70 t5m for 35k miles and they were great - mild drop, reputable brand, paired well with cheapo monroe struts/shocks for daily driver use. They dropped the car about 1.25"
  11. Get some photos of the interior up! I vaguely remember this car. Gary - fwiw looks like colorado plates