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  1. i may have a set of used ones for sale soon - redoing my 855r suspension
  2. did some market research after listing lol... ill take $40 for it - you pay shipping Greg
  3. R Exhaust Manifold Removed from my 850R - I ran this for about 10 years and 20k miles Its stock - not modded No issues/no cracks/no thread issues - for sale because I opened up/smoothed out a Japanifold and running that now Dont want to ship it but I will... CONUS only though. $60 + shipping. Let me know if interested, I can text/share photos as well. Greg
  4. agreed 500 or you are better off making your own r out of a better base car...
  5. Man... the red was purdy but what you made of that interior is also beautiful I hope you get it all sorted out
  6. welp, i asked on the facebook group... lets see what i get lol.
  7. any of those friends volvo friends? they lift their volvos from the pinch welds? Gabe those are nice jack stands - i have seen those around before and know of lots of great comments about them. Love your bmw!
  8. i dont have the height for a true lift... if i did i would have prioritized money towards that a long time ago. the quickjack, when on sale seems like a decent medium, its still pricey but seems a fuck ton safer and easier than jacks and stands or ramps etc. i want to do the entire rear end of the 850 and cant have it up in the air at the rear jack points (deltas) because i need to replace them haha - so the pinch weld idea suits me well.
  9. i've thought the same, regarding tipping... and there are vids of people leaning in to them while raised and even the stress tests... I think once I see it in person, and add additional support under the car I will feel comfortable. Just not 100% sold on this 'use the pinch welds' approach on our cars - especially with the plastic rocker panel terminating there too and could easily get compromised when lifting. Probably better off asking this on the facebook page but always hesitant with that lol
  10. Anybody on here use a 'quick jack'? I have access to one, and kinda need it for some of the work I have planned but have a concern... The 850 lift points are super far apart, and they arent colinear. Saw this on MVS and the guy lifted his 855R by the pinch welds (Page 3 midway down). I havent looked too closely at this yet but have never lifted any of my P80s over the years from here. Thoughts?
  11. 25mm rear sway is rather rare i believe - someone should grab that!
  12. i like it - now you can blind all the rear squat florida trucks! - im starting to think you need the euro polive livery vinyl on this bad boy
  13. search on google just for this site... 850 trailer harness