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  1. I made a video on the subject for your viewing pleasure
  2. Pinch welds on the body should work just fine.
  3. I know these are US sales, but I'll just leave this here https://bringatrailer.com/search/v70r/
  4. You need to lock the cams and re-time the engine.
  5. That is a lock up function code. Was this code present before the rebuild?
  6. Buy mine with a blown up trans for cheap. It's got ABL's too! 27th Volvo!
  7. Bought another 07 XC70 because the trans blew up in the other 07
  8. Should be ok. I remember doing a rear main in one years ago that had 49k on it and was still under warranty. That's a motherfucker of a job to get paid 9 hours.