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  1. You are going to need a professional, this is not a DIY job.
  2. I would probably want to start with stage 0 tune up items if you haven't already and see how it goes from there if no codes are stored.
  3. The right side axle P/N for your vehicle is 36001221
  4. Moving to performance for move visability
  5. Knock off VIDA won't help you here, it can't download software or check for software updates. I'm afraid the dealer is the only option here.
  6. Have you smoked tested the intake or just visually checked the hoses?
  7. I responded to the last topic you posted.
  8. In a word, No. Most of the control units are married to the vehicle once programmed so you can't just hot swap one. If you truly want to pull from a donor vehicle you'll need to pull ALL the modules from a T5 manual.
  9. You'll need to find another from an 01-02 T5. Also, don't be surprised if the used one is bad too. Transmission failure is very common in those years.
  10. Generally speaking very good vehicle. Make sure to check the windshield at the top to see if it is lose, they are known to leak water.
  11. Are you trying to hot swap modules out of another car? If so that is not possible without swapping EVERY module out of the donor car.
  12. Just shim the clutch with a few zip ties. I would not try and add an additional circuit to the A/C compressor.
  13. Buy mine with a blown up trans for cheap. It's got ABL's too! 27th Volvo!